About JMK Nursery

At JMK Nursery we are extremely proud of our history and our high standing in the Australian nursery community.

JMK as it is known today was established in 1998 off the back of a family business. Mark and Jolande Koelewyn started by renting part of another nursery and established two plastic houses on only a small area of land. After a few years of hard work they bought the property in Wandin East and from there the business grew steadily, one section at a time.

Daniel and Louise Koelewyn worked with Mark and Jolande to start building up the nursery into what it is today. In 2012 Daniel and Louise went into partnership and expanded the nursery further including new sections and a dam.

Today JMK Nursery spans over nine acres. We have over 300 different varieties of potted plants, which include hedging flowering and landscaping lines. We retain quarantine licences to ship to Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales.
With our rich history, our in-depth knowledge and our commitment to providing the highest quality products we are most definitely  –

“The plant experts.”